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516: Working Hunter Horse Championship

HORSES ➤ Working Hunter Horses Sun 3rd Sep 2023

   Champion Working Hunter Horse Linda Moore Perpetual Trophy and €100. Reserve €50 (open to 1st and 2nd in Novice and Open Classes. First and second placed in classes 221 and222 ONLY qualify


      The Course: It shall consist of 6-8 fences. It shall have a combination of upright and a spread fences and may included a double or a small bounce. The fences shall be of natural in type with copious sensible filling and not easily dislodged. Only white or rustic poles shell be used. A small gate, bank or water jump may also be included. The fences shall have a maximum of 1m for the open and 80cm for the novice class. JUDGING PHASES. Phase 1: JUMPING: Each Horse shall be required to jump the course. To be Judged 60% for jumping performance (40%for actual jumping and 20% for style and presence) Phase 2: RIDE: The judge may ride all horses in all paces on either or both reins they may jump the horse over one fence. Phase 3: CONFORMATION & MOVEMENT: The conformation and movement of the horse in-hand will be accessed by the judge. NOTES • The same rider must ride the horse throughout. • A rider may ride several horses in the jumping phase of the competition bit will have to choose one horse to compete in the remainder of the competition. • Horses cannot enter both Novice or Open classes • Back protectors must be worn by ALL competitors in the jumping phase of the Working Hunter Classes. Skull caps must have a navy or black cover. • Horses may be equipped with boots of a plain colour in the jumping phase ONLY. No hind boots or bandages of any description are allowed in the collecting ring, warm up or in the actual class. • If a horse positively stops, ceases to go forward at any time during its jumping round, or turns its quarters to a fence, or has a complete turnaround, these constitute refusals. • If a horse jumps the incorrect fence out of a pen or lane it will be eliminated. • Horses displaying continued disobedience, or horse leaving the ring whether mounted or dismounted, will be eliminated. Penalties: Pole Knocked: 10 First Refusal: 15 Second Refusal: 20 Third Refusal: Elimination Jumping or Knockdown: 10 Fall of Horse or Rider: Elimination

HORSES - Opening Notes

Your safety as an exhibitor at our show is very important to us. We ask for your co-
operation in ensuring there is a clear way for emergency vehicles all the way around the
show field. Parking restrictions will be in place on the show day, please respect the
instructions of our stewards.

Horse Secretary: Maureen Dillon, Creevagh House, Girley, Fordstown, Navan, Co Meath
C15 KD68; tel:087-2885302


All Entries MUST be accompanied with Animals Passport Number.

  • All horses must give a valid passport as required by the Department of
  • Agriculture.
  • All horses and ponies that are competing in the rescue class must have proof of neglect.
  • All horses and ponies must be led and not left unattended.
  • Please keep the rear ramp of your trailer up when you are not with your trailer
  • All riding helmets and back protectors must conform to the BHS standards.
  • Stewards will observe and inspect tack. Unsafe tack will result in disqualification from a class.
  • Judges’ decision is final.
  • Classes may be amalgamated if there are less than 3 entries per class.
  • Vouchers may be given in lieu of prize money.
  • Entry fees will Not be Refunded in case when entries are not sent forward for competition.
  • Entry fees will Not be Refunded in case of disqualification from competition for failure to comply with the regulations



Horse Secretary: Mrs. Maureen Dillon, Girley, Fordstown, Navan, Co. Meath C15 KD68.

Tel: 0872885302

Championships only 1st and 2nd prizewinners in each section eligible.

Please Note: Times are approximate.

No entries permitted on day of event.

Prizes:   1st - Champion €100.00 , and €50.00
This is a Championship Class. Entry via Qualifing Classes.
Qualifying Classes
Class 182: Novice Working Hunter Class Mares/Geldings 4yrs+, exceeding 148cm, having never won a Working Hunter competition at an agri or society summer show. Fences not exceeding 80cm.
Class 183: Open Working Hunter Mares/Geldings 4yrs+ exceeding 153cms. Not exceeding 1 metre.