Artisan Village

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The Artisan Village is back this year by popular demand offering a wonderful selection of crafts, foods and treats which are sure to appeal to all tastes. With separate food and craft tents this ever expanding area is a must visit for those wanting to treat a loved one or enjoy the very best that our local artisanal producers have to offer.

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Demo Recipes

Bread Masterclass

Yeast Bread

Bread mix

500g of strong flour plus extra for dusting

1 sachet of yeast

2 pinches of salt

2 pinches of sugar

325ml of lukewarm water

To serve


Fresh thyme

1 bulb of garlic

1 beaten egg

Sesame seeds

Nigella seeds


This is a one for all bread mix to make all these different types of bread. Start in a bowl with all the dry ingredients of the bread mix. Then add in the water and mix well with a fork. Turn the dough out onto the surface and knead for 10 minutes.

Cover with cling film and leave to prove for an hour. Once proved knock back the dough and now you are ready to shape and cook the different breads.

Soda Bread

Ireland's most famous bread is made with two of the oldest foods: wheat and buttermilk. The acid in the buttermilk reacts with the bicarbonate of soda and creates the rise. If you have kids you should teach them how to make soda bread, because it's great to be able to put a loaf on the table within 45 minutes. Once you've mastered this recipe, try adding some grated vintage Irish cheddar to it for a cheesy soda bread.

Makes 1 small loaf


450g plain white flour, plus extra for dusting

2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon sugar

Zest of one lemon

A good handful of fresh thyme chopped

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

400ml buttermilk


Preheat the oven to 200°C/425°F/gas mark 7. Line a flat baking tray with baking parchment.

Put the flours, salt and bicarbonate of soda into a large bowl and mix well. Add the thyme and lemon. Make a well in the centre and pour in half the buttermilk. Using your fingers or a round-bladed knife, draw the flour into the buttermilk. Continue to add the buttermilk until all the flour has been absorbed and you have a sticky dough. You may not need all the buttermilk – it depends on the flour you use.

Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, shape it into a ball and flatten it slightly with the palm of your hand. It is important to work quickly, as once the buttermilk is added it begins to react with the bicarbonate of soda.

Put the dough onto the baking tray. Mark into quarters with a large, sharp knife, cutting deeply through the loaf, almost but not quite through to the base. Dust the top with flour.

Bake for 30 minutes, or until the loaf is golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped on the base. Leave to cool on a wire rack. Eat on the day of baking, or toast it the next day.


Proper Steak Sandwich

2x 8oz Aged Ribeyes

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

2 small onions

5 fresh bay leaves

1 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter

Olive Oil

50g brown sugar

150ml aged balsamic vinegar plus extra for the sauce

1 large rustic loaf


Cracked black pepper


Dijon mustard

1/2 a lemon

A good handful of watercress or organic salad leaves


Take the steak out of the fridge firstly and bring to room temperature for 30 mins. Heat a pan onto a high heat.

Meanwhile, peel the onions, then slice into 3/4-inch thick rounds. Put the bay leaves, butter, a bit of oil, and the sugar into a large non-stick frying pan on medium heat. Once the butter has melted, place the onions into the pan in a single layer, season with sea salt and black pepper, and cook for 5 minutes. Pour in the vinegar, pop on a lid, reduce the heat to low, and cook for around 20 minutes, or until beautifully golden.

Pop the bread into the oven at 180oC to heat it through. With the ribeye season it nicely on both sides. Oil the hot pan and place in. Seal on both sides for two minutes. Transfer to the oven for 5 mins until medium and then remove. Allow to rest while you crack on with the pepper sauce.

To make the sauce add in a good glug of the extra vinegar with some fresh rosemary. Reduce down by half on a high heat and then add the cream and pepper to your liking.

Cut the warmed bread in half then spread on some mustard if you like. On the bottom half of the ciabatta, layer over the onions, slices of the steak, pepper sauce and bite of lemon-dressed watercress. Pop the other half of bread on top, press down lightly, carve into decent chunks, and get stuck in.

Spaghetti Carbonara

This is my go to meal when stuck for money. It’s so cheap to make. You still achieve the creamy texture. It’s all to do with patience and overheating the eggs. Traditionally in Italy they use guanciale which is cured pigs cheeks. Very hard to find in Ireland unless you live beside an Italian Delicatessen, so pancetta works just as good.


a good handful spaghetti (enough for 2 people) 1 packet of pancetta or 200g of guanciale

1 clove of garlic

1 egg

30g pecorino cheese salt and pepper


For the pasta place it into boiling salted water for 7 minutes.

That gives you 7 minutes to prep and get ready for when it's cooked.

Dice up the pancetta or guanciale into lardons and fry them in a medium to hot frying pan until crispy.

Chuck in a garlic clove. While they are frying crack the egg into a bowl and whisk it.

Add in about 30g of grated pecorino to the egg and set aside. Now strain the pasta keeping about a mug full of water back.

Add the pasta to the bacon and garlic along with some water. Now turn off the heat completely. Add in a good glug of water.

Now add the egg and cheese mix. Fold and mix the egg and cheese mix until it becomes creamy and serve right away. Finish with some more pecorino.

Passionfruit Soufflé

A gorgeous take on the classic soufflé. It’s a great cheat to use the ready made custard instead of making a creme patissiere. Makes it much easier to put together at home.


butter, for greasing

40f caster sugar

4 medium free-range egg whites

120ml fresh ready-made custard

1 passion fruit, halved

to serve

vanilla ice cream

sprigs of mint

Icing sugar for dusting


Preheat the oven to 190oC. Grease two ramekin dishes with butter and sprinkle with one tablespoon of the caster sugar.

Place the egg whites into a large clean bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form when the whisk is removed.

Add the remaining sugar and whisk again until thick and glossy.

Place the custard into a separate large bowl, add the passion fruit and mix well.

Gently fold in the whisked egg whites. Spoon the mixture into the prepared ramekins. Make sure to smooth off the top with a palate knife and place onto a baking sheet.

Transfer to the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until risen.

Once cooked sprinkle with a good dust of icing sugar. Then transfer onto a plate. Scoop some ice cream into the middle and finish with a sprig of mint. Tuck in right away.