Royal Meath Show, 2019
Trade Stand Application Form
Show Date 1st September 2019


Company Name ____________________________________
Contact Name ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________
Phone No. ____________________________________
Insurance details All traders must furnish the Royal Meath Show before they are let on
site with a letter of Indemnity, indemnifying the Royal Meath Show and the Irish Shows
Association, the letter must quote the number of their Insurance policy, the date of expiry
and the amount of cover in place.
Please specify clearly all Products / Services which you will be trading / promoting at the
Royal Meath Show. __________________________________________________________
The Royal Meath will not entertain the trading of goods and services that have not been
declared on the official Trade Stand application form. We wish to advise all those
operating trade stands at the Royal Meath Show, that due to safety issues, we do not
permit the following items: any inflatable items, knives, laser lights, air guns and
pellets or any other item that may cause harm to people or animals, whether for sale
or as prizes. The activity of hair braiding will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by these
terms and conditions will result in the goods being seized and the trader in question will
be required to leave the show grounds.

Type and size of structure you will use
Small 3m2 €50 ___________________________
Medium €100 ___________________________ (specify size)
Large €150 ___________________________ (specify size)
Amusements on an individual basis __________________ (specify size)

• The exhibitor shall ensure that all marquees, ropes, signs and other equipment
are kept within the stand space at all times.
• The exhibitor is not permitted to sub-let, transfer or share the stand space. • The
exhibitor shall ensure that no damage is caused to the site within the stand space.
• The exhibitor shall ensure that its stand space is tidy at all times and be
responsible for proper disposal of any litter.
• Exhibitors must obey any instruction from authorised personnel, before, during
and after the show.
• All stand spaces are outdoor, exhibitors to provide own equipment.
• Petrol operated generators are not permitted.
Trade stands to be pre-booked through:
Michael Nugent,
Co. Meath
I have read the above, and agree to be bound by same.
Signed ___________________ Date __________________